Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family File Box

I borrowed another fantastic idea from Pinterest.  The family file box was sparked by a pin from one of my favorite blogs, The Nest Effect.  

My family continues to struggle with our daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.  I have tried many systems over the years...calendars on the frig for each member of the family, color coding one main calendar, weekly white board, etc.  Nothing seems to work really well as a "go to" message/calendar board.

We all write things down in different places (and I'm the most guilty of this)!  I write tasks & appointments in a notebook in my purse, on my phone, emails...basically all  over the place! Ugh...keeping it all straight is quite a challenge.  Seeing this pin motivated me to develop a system and stick with it!

Each person in the family has a hanging file with his/her name on it.  I place all of the little scraps of paper, as well as, school permission slips and newsletters in the appropriate hanging file.  Then, on Sundays, at the start of each school/work week, I take out the papers and fill in the calendar that hangs on the front of the box.  I can throw away a lot of the paperwork once I record a scheduled event (permission slips often need immediate attention so those get filled out and transferred to the calendar ASAP). 

It's working well, but I just began this system in May. The true test will begin in September/October when things get crazy again.

Family File Box also has in/out folders for bills, etc.
Have a wonderfully organized summer!

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  1. Hello! just found you through organize it link up. love your blog!
    I also implemented something like this in our home last year after seeing it on Pinterest.
    I LOVE this system. It works.
    I posted it here.