Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Home Inspiration

Central Office

Well two days and I'm off for the summer....kind of!  I have to go in to school to attend several workshops this year due to so many changes in the curriculum. 
But, that's not going to deter me from my home organizing inspiration!

I have 10 weeks and I would like to accomplish 10 organizing tasks.  I will be so happy to return to school this September with a more organized household.  It just makes life much easier...and awesome!   Yes, my OCD is in full swing! 

During Christmas break last year, we turned our ill-used dining room into an office.  The central location helps to keep me (and everyone else) focused on bills, homework, permission slips, sports schedules, yada, yada, yada!  The upstairs office is now what it was meant to be...a spare bedroom.  The printer is still housed up there and I may bring it downstairs.  But, it's kind of an eyesore to look at everyday.

My first organizing task will be to fill the previously labeled binders with the stuff that's supposed to be inside them.  I had a lot of fun labeling them!  

There is a binder for each of my two middle-school children.  It's full of report cards, class pictures, medical records, etc.

One binder is for recipes to use on a regular basis.  I am so out of ideas lately for dinners.  Hopefully in the summer I will be re-inspired with food as well.  Anybody who knows me, knows that I would just have a bowl of cereal for every meal.

Another binder is for receipts.  There is a previous blog post devoted to that specific binder.

There is a binder for menus.  We order take out at least once a week and I like to collect restaurant menus to broaden our choices.

The last binder is labeled home management.  I am going to fill this binder with some tabs for different areas such as expenses, travel, shopping, and whatever else proves necessary.

We are going on a trip the week after I get out of school.  Part of this challenge is to fit in the binder organization along with a week chock full of errands, baseball games, dental appointments, dog grooming/vet appointments, etc. 

Oh well...I'm trying to stay positive and smile.  I can do this!

Notice the crooked baskets...oh my kids...maybe I shouldn't have made this so accessible!

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