Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Book Club

Time for a little summer reading...

My family will be embarking on something a little new this summer. We will all be reading a book...the same book!

Not everyone is thrilled with the idea...the boy* doesn't like to read. He thinks he's not a good reader, and therefore, he doesn't "like" to read.
*We often refer to my son, Bailey, as "the boy".  It's a Homer Simpson thing, just a funny line from TV, nothing more.

I'm out to prove him wrong by suggesting some book titles that he (and the whole family) can enjoy.

We will have a timeline of reading...I'm suggesting a chapter each day (or night) so that it will be quick and painless. I shouldn't say such things about literature, but I'm getting some negative feedback from the kids. They think that this book is going to take over their summer "free-time". Give me a break! I know they will be happy once they are into the book. Plus, I'm throwing in a generous bonus to the deal...

We will have our group discussions out to eat once a week. It could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We will decide as a family what meal suits us best each week to sit at a restaurant and talk about the book. This aspect of the FBC seems to be the driving force with the kids.

Below are three suggested reads that I'm promoting as our first FBC book.  Click to read more about the title. You are welcome to comment with any suggestions.

1.  Huck Finn

2. Thirteen Reasons Why

3. Stargirl

I'm leaning towards "Stargirl" because it's uplifting and I love Jerry Spinelli's books. I read "Crash" at the beginning of every school year to my class. It's a story with a powerful life lesson and it's very high interest among the intermediate age group.

"Thirteen Reasons Why" looks like a dark, yet touching story that I may pick up for my own enjoyment.

I never read "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" when I was a young student and I feel as though I missed out on a meaningful classic.

I will be posting updates about the book choice and our family book club meetings.  

At a recent trip to P.F. Chang's I received a fortune that read, "You will get what your heart desires". I'm really hoping Confucius got this one right.

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