Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Math Fun

I've been having such fun creating math games for my class to play in the midst of boring NYS Module work.
The Modules do include some good instructional strategies, but the worksheets look like they were torn out of a college-level text book. No graphics, small type, no room for small people to write...and the list of issues goes on.

So, what's a fifth-teacher to do to liven up a math lesson? Make games! 

The "learning activities" (as I call them so as not to raise suspicion that we are actually having fun while learning) support module instruction while providing much needed movement and peer interaction.

One instructional component is drawing pictures to illustrate equations.  Tape diagrams, more specifically, are a key component of the math program.
To better help students learn how to place information in a tape diagram, I created a math power group lesson.  

In a math power group, kids are assembled into groups of 4-5 to work as a team. Each child has a job, as in a reading literature circle, and the jobs rotate for each new word problem.

One power group job is to manipulate the tape diagram cards that are cut out and placed in an envelope ahead of time. The blank tape diagram is used as the "game board" for the student to place the cards in a specific placement according to the word problem.

The students are picking up great habits, such as:
  • working cooperatively
  • reading thoroughly
  • reasoning through discussion
  • team accountability
  • time management 
  • and many more...

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Next to come...Super Bowl Fraction Football! 


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