Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Organizing Challenge #1

Child Binders

I began working on Linsey's binder first, and then followed suit with the boy's binder.  

In the view window there is a special poem Linsey
wrote me for my birthday
 and some
 current class pictures.

First, I had to decide on what I would label each tab.  I didn't include school projects or artwork.  I'm going to display those items in a scrapbook that she can help me put together.  

Important items for the binder: current school information, report cards, NYS test scores (not really, but I feel I must save...UGH!), medical records, awards, and extra-curricular activities such as religious milestones, dance, sports, etc.

The Staples durable, view binders are the best!
They are sturdy and the loops open easily.

The beginning of the binder is filled with the current information.  So, when it's opened up the stuff that is needed right away is easy to find!  Right now it's got her new 8th grade class selections, parent portal information (an on-line posting of grades and test scores), and other forms pertaining to her upcoming school year.

She was selected to be in Advanced Art class next year.  Go Linsey!

The actual first tab is for report cards.  The only report cards I save in the binder are the last report card for the school year with all four quarters filled in and complete.  I love looking at the Pre-K report card and remembering all of the fun we had creating some of the projects together.  It sure does go by fast...

She loved to dance in Pre-K...and she still does!

For the test scores I just insert them when they come in the mail...August perhaps?  Actually, I don't know why I hang on to these???  I should just throw them in the garbage.  But, my kids are very interested to see what they got.  They beat themselves up if they don't do as well as they would have liked.  I wish they would remember the things we came up with on the refrigerator during testing week this past May! (see below)

She got a 4 (highest overall score) and she was mad that
it was at the "lower" end of the 4 category.  Please...relax!

The medical records is just a copy of required NYS shots, etc.  I saved the baby stuff so that I could look back on her growth if it ever became an issue.  We could compare someday with her children...my grandchildren...YIKES!  

Notice the crossed out name part...they always spell her
name wrong.  I probably should have went with a more
traditional spelling, but hindsight...
As mentioned earlier, the kids and I came up with what we thought were the really important things about school.  This is just our opinions...I'm sure there are many items that could be added to our list.

This is my two-cents.  Not that it matters.
Number 1 is my favorite. :)

I'm not going to get on my soapbox...this blog is about organizing.  I better get back to it.  

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