Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Fraction Football

Fraction Football was a success! We're ready for Super Bowl!

The students had a fantastic time playing with a partner and trying to score a touchdown by making equivalent fractions.

Each student was paired up and provided with a game board. Then, they drew cards and used mental math to find equivalent fractions. Each time they found an equivalent to the fraction on their ten-yard increment, they moved closer to the end zone.

They found the penalty cards to be a tremendous threat to their forward progress. So, each team had the option of pulling the penalty cards out of the fraction football deck. The teams seemed to move right along after the obstacle was removed.

I was making note of many learning skills taking place throughout the game. 

First, the partners were helping one another with the multiplication and division operations needed to complete the task of making an equivalent fraction. 
They were discussing the process and having "math talks". It was really cool!

Next, they were anticipating mathematical events. One of the students actually came up with the idea that it would be beneficial to remove the penalty cards. He said, he takes "two steps forward, and one step back". And he was afraid getting a touchdown would take all day. Well, it probably wouldn't have taken all day, but time at school is very limited. So his request was granted and provided for all students. 

Last, kids were having fun while learning math! Yay! mission accomplished. Movement and peer interaction is always a good thing...with given parameters. 

Follow the link below to preview the game.  It's a generic football game, so it doesn't matter which teams are playing. 


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