Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Clerical Supplies

Time for some fun organizing!

I have gotten many ideas from other teacher blogs, websites, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  
And I'm excited to be creating a classroom theme based on black and white.  Most of the inspiration came from one of my favorite blogs, "schoolgirl style". Check the links below to see some of my other favorite blogs (teacher blogs and organizing blogs).

I have many projects started...yet not finished. I need to start beginning a project and completing it before moving on to something else. ADHD anyone?

So, what I have for today's post is my clerical supplies cabinet.  I bought ordinary, black kitchen tubs, cute zebra print Duck Tape, and red sticker letters.  It was really easy making the tubs. It also was a great purge! I don't need to keep something that I haven't used in years, broken items, paper scraps, etc.

It looks neat and cute.  Time will tell if the tubs are user-friendly.  I am always tweaking and changing as needed to make my classroom life as efficient as possible. 

*Most of my organizing projects could be used at home or school...I am creating a similar space in our garage for tools, gardening supplies, ice-scrapers/rock salt (we live in upstate NY!), and car-cleaning items. The tubs are easy to read and identify, so hopefully my super careful carefree family will put things back in their corresponding homes...fingers crossed!

Check out the following links for some great inspiration.

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