Monday, May 27, 2013

Anchor Charts Away...

Keeping anchor charts organized and in a space that keeps them well-taken care of is quite a feat in my school.  The cupboards are a bit narrow and laying them flat is not an option.  Also, if I could lay them flat, how would I organize them so that I could grab the one I'm in need of in an instant?  Well, I had to really put my thinking cap on!  
I needed to find an inconspicuous space that would organize these large items.  But, they are NEEDED items that my kiddos have come to rely on.  When we had to take them all down for the Common Core Assessments the kids had a little anchor-chart withdrawal.  
So, what has been working for most of the school year is my Wal-Mart waste paper baskets.  I purchased three thinking that the bulk of the charts pertain to math, reading, and language/writing.  Since we are teaming next year in fifth grade I think I will wait to add or modify this system.  
I always send the charts to laminating so they will remain durable for years to come.  Just roll up the chart and secure with a clothespin.  Labeling the clothespin with a description of the chart (e.g. text features) helps when you need to reach for a specific topic.
I keep the baskets under the student table which is covered with a tablecloth 
Anchors Away!

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