Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Organizing Challenge #1

Home Management Binder

Project #1 is coming to a close...finally!  I have completed my last two binders.  The home management was more to tackle than I thought it was going to be.  But, I'm happy with the final project.  I'm hoping it will help keep me organized, help with the family budget, and look back on family memories with joy.

There are 5 tabbed sections in the binder; bills, vacations, calendars, purchases, and home projects. 

The first tab is for monthly bills to pay.  I add to the pocket as they come in to check that my last payment was recorded.  Then, after paying the bill (usually on-line) I shred and discard.  I hate detest unnecessary papers laying around the house.  

There's also a log of monthly bills behind the pocketed tab divider (found at Staples) where I record payments made.  I love the border...bills aren't fun so this is a way to add some quirkiness to the monthly chore.  Click here for a free download.

The name column is for the company or business to which I have a monthly payment.  Then, each month I write the payment amount and the date that I made the payment...again most of my payments are made through the Internet.  When the payment has cleared my bank account I draw the red line across the payment details on my log. This system really does keep me organized.

My next section is family vacations and trips.  I want to include hotel information so we can revisit again someday.  I also needed a space for keepsakes and travel brochures.  I keep those items in the pocket and write about the trips in the log.  I'm loving this section of the binder the most!


The calendar section has future calendar pages that will eventually be put front-in-center of the family file box (earlier post).  In the pocket I put the next month's calendar so it's easy to slide out and write on with upcoming events.  There is also two, small view pockets to hold cards from doctor's offices, etc. so I can write those in my calendar when appropriate. 

The section after the tabbed pocket holds the other calendars for the year so I can jot down future appointments.  The dentist schedules 6 months out and those days are difficult to remember.  I added school days off etc. to my yearly calendar.  Please feel free to download a free copy of the school calendar at my TpT store.

The next tab is for daily purchases.  I'm really trying to keep better track of our my spending!  Everyone has talents and mine is NOT money management. I'm anything but frugal.  I envy people who can save money and still have all that they need.  I have recently begun using grocery coupons and getting the most out of the weekly ads when shopping each week.  I don't mean to complain, but money management and stretching every dollar really is like another job!  So, I have been writing down all of my purchases on a daily log (easy in the summer...not so easy during the school year) when I file away all of the receipts each evening.  This system really makes me take notice of where all the money goes and how many purchases I am actually making.  If I don't have time...or I'm just too darn tired, I stick the receipts in the pocket of the tab and record the next day.  I try really hard to not let it go too long or it's a beast to deal with on the weekend.

The key at the bottom makes the chart easy to fill in each day.  I try not to get too specific.  I have the receipts on file if I need to locate a certain expense.  

Last, I have future goals.  Whether it be home or classroom, there are always wheels turning in my head!  So far this summer I've accomplished most of my goals.  

The binders was definitely a bigger job than I had anticipated.  Hopefully, they will help me with my overall goals of organization, meal planning, and money management.

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