Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Organizing Challenge #4

Kitchen Baking/Cooking Cabinet

The cabinets below the counters always housed my cookie sheets, large pots, colanders, roasting pans, and a few other odds & ends. It was always a mess, cluttered and free of any specific layout or plan.

My mission was to throw away anything I have not used in the past year and to organize the remaining, useful items. I wanted the cabinet to be user-friendly and to look appealing & uncluttered. 

We took every item out and set in on the island to give it a review of ya or nay. I kind of felt like I was hosting the TV show, Hoarders. It was very liberating to purge. 

Next, we my husband, cut two top shelves from the whole unit. The shelf space was very small in height so no tall items would ever fit properly. 

Then, we measured and cut contact/grip paper to lay on the bottom of the shelves. It gave it a more polished look. Also, they are very easy to remove and clean. 

I added a cookie tray organizer purchased from the Container Store. I was able to insert the cookie sheets upright, which I wouldn't have been able to before the top shelf was cut to extend the bottom shelf.

There are two, pull-out drawers on the other bottom shelves.  These are so easy to use for larger pots and pans.  

This project was so easy and quick to accomplish. I wish I had done it years ago.  Oh well, better late than never!


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