Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Teacher Space

I love green!

When creating my new teacher cabinets at school (I dubbed these the "teacher cabinets" because they house my everyday items that I need at a moment's notice) I tried to incorporate some other colors to delineate the space.  I want the students to kind of see this space as "separate" from the rest of the room, which is fully theirs!

My black and white theme is going great throughout the whole room.  I added some splashes of red for the student areas.  My favorite color is green so I thought why not black, white, and some splashes of green...lime green to be exact.  

It came out so cute and functional.  Let's hope it's not wrecked by the second week of school...that's my luck! (haha)

The first item I incorporated was my Hang Up Room Organizer from Thirty-One.

I had my name embroidered on top for some extra flair.  It neatly holds mail coming in (office stuff) and mail that needs to go out.  Also, there is a great spot for folders at the bottom.  Two of the most important folders are class lists and building schedule.  I always need to grab those quickly!  The folders are from Staples.  They carry many black and white items that blend well with my theme. 

The other side of the cabinet houses a spot to keep the many tremendously overwhelming amount of papers that come my way.  The clerical paperwork is out of control lately! So, I need to keep it in control with a very organized system.  The paper holder is from Staples as well, specifically, The Martha Stewart Collection.  A district calendar is a must and a display of the class schedule.

Next to the bulletin board is a shelf that I purchased at Christmas Tree Shop for only $20!  It was quite easy to put together...well I guess I would have to ask my husband, since he put it together.  But, it was easy for me!

There are many uses for these great folder keepers and I love the green color.  Again...being organized and having everything in a home will help enormously throughout the school year.  Getting set up now is the key.  I don't want late nights at school when I could be with my own kids or creating quality lessons for my students.

This is the final project.  The bottom of the cabinet doors may change as office items start to roll in over the next few weeks.

The colors look amazing together and it's very user-friendly.  The time spent was very worth while.

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  1. Gee I would love to be a substitute teacher in your classroom, everything so pretty and clearly labelled!

    1. Thanks so much! Sorry I didn't reply sooner...I just noticed this comment. Hope you're having a super year.

  2. Where did you buy those folder keepers? I love them!

  3. Did you hot glue the items on the cabinet or use magnets? Thanks!