Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back into the Swing

I'm getting back to the blog after a month hiatus. Starting a new school year, being diagnosed with pneumonia, and taking on some new roles has kept me very busy.  The blog had to take a back seat to some pretty important tasks.

First, I designed a new science curriculum for our grade level that included some shifting around of materials.  There is an SLO assessment attached to the curriculum, so I had to create that test as well. It was a little overwhelming at first, but I'm really enjoying teaching this curriculum.  The kids are happy to come to science class every day.

Next, I was asked to be PTA president. I don't even have any children attending my school anymore, but I felt it was the right thing to do.  I have been active with the PTA for the last couple of years, so I kind of know how things work.  There weren't any parents willing to take on the role and we would have lost all of our funds in reserve.  The PTA has since taken on 3 fund-raisers and we have become proactive in the Olweus (anti-bullying campaign) and The Reading Promise, which is our district reading initiative.  It's been quite busy and somewhat confusing in the beginning, but I think the efforts are really going to pay off this year.

I'm also involved in the Olweus and Reading Promise Programs as a member of those committees.  The committees promote the programs, design classroom lessons, and meet to brainstorm new ideas.

Lastly, I'm involved with NYSUT as a union representative for our district's APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review) negotiating team.  The team meets with district personnel to come to an agreement on a fair APPR plan to submit to state ed.  The president of our union has asked me to be the leader of an APPR committee.  As chairperson, I would design a handbook to assist teachers in their record keeping as it pertains to APPR.  I am looking forward to this task.  I think the teachers will really benefit from a checklist of sorts.

This all brings me to the point of this post.  How am I keeping it all together?  After much trial and error with various types of date books, plan books, and agendas, I have designed a fantastic master planner.

I keep the planner in my purse...my new Vera Bradley (LOVE!). It's light weight, but holds all of my essentials.

I decorated it with my letter stickers. The color coordinates perfectly with my new, fold and go organizer from Thirty-One. The brand name of this binder is Studio C, but it's a special pattern designed by Jacqueline Savage McFee.  I just love how it's so bright and cheery.  I picked it up at Staples for a very low cost (compared to the Martha Stewart Collections...which I love by the way!).  The Martha Stewart with Avery Collection is a great binder, but it's much heavier.  My love for Vera Bradley bags stems from the light weight and vibrant colors. I included some Martha Stewart items inside the binder, such as the calendar.

I add sticky notes and Washi tape to my calendar to draw my eye to important days and tasks.

This is a velcro pocket I also found right at Staples (everything was purchased at Staples) and it's a must have.  I need a place for pens, pencils (the best Paper-mate mechanical pencils!), sticky pads, etc.   

The dividers were also purchased right along side the binder. I used clear label maker tape to create the labels.  I added paper from the Martha Stewart Collection to take notes at all of my meetings.  I love how it's all together in one place.  No more dragging around a bunch of bulky folders and binders!

The last portion of my master planner is the clear pouches to hold a multitude of papers. I hold receipts, meeting agendas, business cards, etc. Again, everything is in one spot and it looks fabulous.  

Stay Organized and Enjoy Life!


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