Monday, November 11, 2013

#3 Holiday Gifts Under $5 this is really gift idea #1 on the blog, but I jumped the gun and posted two ideas to my facebook page...
Click on the coffee mug to check out the first installments if you missed them.

The next gift idea is a health & beauty product and think it would be fine for a man. Of course, my son would disagree.  

My daughter is really into these new lip balms called eos (evolution of smooth). They are packaged in a round, plastic sphere (math teacher alert!) with a smaller sphere inside. The smaller sphere is a solid, all-natural, antioxidant -rich lip balm.

The eos lip balms come in a variety of flavors and plastic shell colors.  They cost around $3.  Some retailers are promoting a holiday package of 3 eos lip balms for about $9.  

evolution of smooth - eos

I am going to hot glue a stick to one end of the eos sphere and wrap with cellophane.  Then, tie the cellophane with a ribbon to create a "lollipop" effect.

The cost will still remain under $5. 


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