Saturday, January 25, 2014

Desktop Organizer

A great desktop organizer is hard to find.  I traveled through the many office supply stores and finally settled on a kind of boring mesh organizer that I considered a "fixer-upper".  I did like how it swiveled and had a large opening for pens, pencils, markers, etc.  

So it was washi tape to the rescue.  I'm trying to keep to this black & white with red theme traveling throughout my classroom.  I may change or add to this tape if I feel it needs some "updating".

The clips that I created with washi tape {of course} for the other teachers on the team attach nicely to the outside rim.  I had a substitute the other day and he clipped all of the papers with the labeled clips without any instruction from me. I loved it! The clips are so useful.  

Some new washi tape just happened to fall into my bag at Micheal's.  I guess I will use that to redecorate this organizer.  I just "plopped" up the current tape while my class was taking a test.  I need a little more time to make it colorful and flawless.  

Why am I excited to complete this project?  I just love washi!  Yay!  :)


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