Monday, February 3, 2014

Receipt Keepers

Keeping receipts organized is a must! I have to admit, I've tried so many systems, and I have never found a winner...until now!

I came up with an idea to use coupon keepers, tabbed sorters, or whatever you want to call them, to begin storing my monthly receipts.

The "receipt keepers" as I now refer to them, were purchased at Dollar Tree. That store is the best...look on line if you don't have one in your area. I found three bright colors that had 4 tabs each...3x4=12 months. I know, I'm a mathematical genius!  

These containers are slightly larger than the types I've seen before. The extended length was a huge plus since many receipts are long and/or quite ginormous lately.  

I used some washi tape and my awesome, new, label maker to decorate and label each keeper.

Then, inside of each was four, semi-circle tabs with matching white, adhesive labels.  Again, I used the DYMO label maker to print out each month.  

The blue keeper is already full.  This keeper will prove mighty useful at tax time.  There are loads of school receipts that are tax-deductible.  

This project was so easy to complete. The best part is...I'm already using this system on a daily basis. I house the receipt keepers in a drawer right next to my desk. It's so easy to just empty the receipts from my purse and toss them into the monthly slot. 

There's hope that this one's a "keeper"! 


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