Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday Loves

It's the day after Christmas and I'm having a hard time parting with the holidays.  I had such a wonderful time with family and friends. Like past years, there was some stress surrounding this holiday seasons.  But, as I grow older, I'm beginning to appreciate the little things (or the most important things).  Gifts are a part of the holiday and there is no changing that least in my house. But, even my teenage children are starting to realize that family and friends make the holidays!

Gifts can become overwhelming...and break the bank at times!  Although, I did have some wonderful gifts (given and received) that didn't cost a lot, but certainly meant a lot.  This post is about those gifts...thank you to Pinterest and some other sources for the inspiration! 

First, I am the PTA president at my intermediate school.  We PTA officers were trying to think of a heartfelt gift to give each member of the faculty. We wanted to show our appreciation of all that they do each and every day. Someone suggested we reimburse them for a few of the "out of pocket" expenses, such as pencils, books, and other necessary supplies. That idea was fine by me, but how to do it in a holiday-themed manner that isn't impersonal, like writing a check.  Yuck!  

I quickly went to my go-to inspiration spot...PINTEREST! :)  My love of Pinterest is immeasurable.  

What came about was an idea that would take some time out of my busy schedule, but was well worth it. Let's give the teachers some cash as reimbursement that they can spend any way they see fit. The cash must be displayed in a way that says "Happy Holidays" and "We appreciate you".  This card displayed with a folded money tree "fit the bill".

The tree theme was a big hit and the classroom cash was much appreciated.  

I also made some holiday pennants for people as gifts. I wish I remembered to make one for myself. Sigh...

Lastly, one of my favorite gifts from my husband was an Alex & Ani bracelet. At about $30, these bracelets are fantastically affordable. My team is doing well this year!  Love this bracelet! 

Well, it's December 26th and I couldn't be I get to organize!  Yay!

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