Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY Classroom Cushion Covers

The Literacy Lounge

I took the leap and decided to change the decor in my classroom thanks to the many inspirational blogs, pins, and teacher websites!

First, I needed an inventory of items I already had so that I wouldn't have to purchase EVERYTHING! Based on my inventory, I decided to go with a black & white with some red accents for a color scheme. I'm incorporating polka-dot with gingham and chevron.  Somehow it all works! There is a lot of changes coming our way this year, so "keep it simple" is my new motto.

I have these really cute chairs that I keep in my reading area for kids to sit on during independent reading time. The chairs have quite large seats and it's often difficult to find cushions that fit appropriately. I found some that fit at Pier 1 Imports (where I purchased the chairs on clearance...$20 each!), but they are a green pattern. I used them last year as is, but I really want to stick with the black and white theme in my classroom.  

Now begins the DIY portion of the post.  I'm not a sewer...I can mend some socks and that's it!  So, I came up with a no-sew idea to tie some fabric all the way around the cushion.  They came out pretty cute.  

I'm in the process of creating the "literacy lounge" space in my to follow.

The cushions are still very comfortable, but beginning to look a bit worn.  I purchased 2 yards of black & white gingham fabric from Joanne's.  Each cushion will require 1 yard and I should have a little left over.

I began by fitting the cushion inside the fabric. The folded end of the fabric will not have ties (the side against the back of the chair). Then, I cut little strips (about 2 inches wide and 3 inches long) around the unfolded sides of the fabric making sure to get the top and the bottom of the fabric cut together.  Next, I tied the top strip to the bottom strip of the fabric into a tight knot.  The corners were the trickiest and I often had to cut off some excess fabric or else it would look to thick and bunched up.

The cushions look great on the chairs and they seem pretty durable...after a sitting test given by my own kids.  I was thinking of sewing some buttons (I can sew a button...I think?!) on the cushions for a more polished look, but I'm afraid of the kids sitting and tearing the fabric.  I'm hopeful that the fabric lasts throughout the year. If I have to replace it next year, that will be just fine. The cost of the 2 yards of gingham was $8 and it took me less than an hour to complete the task. Besides, I like changing the fabric for a new look each year.


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