Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Favorite Marking Pens

My favorite writing instruments are the felt tip, Paper Mate medium point pens which are kind of really expensive. So, I hunt for sales and get thoroughly excited when these pens are reduced at back-to-school time.

My grade level team was grading reading & math benchmarks last May and nobody had a pen. So, I had to lend out my favorite felt tips to my friends, or so I thought they were my friends! Not one of the six people returned the pens.  Later I happened to see two of my teammates using the pens to grade papers!  Ha!  Caught!

Guess what?  They now have a new favorite marking pen. Being the team player that I am, I went out and purchased a package for each of two ladies on my team. 

Staples seems to be the most expensive.  An 8-pack costs $16.49.  

It was like the greatest day of my life (almost) when I stumbled upon a 6-pack for $2.99 at Christmas Tree Shops.  

I also purchased a new, pink Swingline 3-hole punch (seen underneath the pens) for only $3.99.

I love to find bargains of things I use/need anyway. This was a super day.

Now off to finish my reading area and paint my clipboards.  August is a crazy month filled with many to-do's.

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