Sunday, November 24, 2013

Teacher Gift Time

It's that time of year again...time to show the teachers who you work with how much they are appreciated. I give gifts to the teachers in my building who I work with in various capacities. 

Everyone knows that I love to personalize my gifts. Actually, I love to personalize everything!

I purchased a bunch of goodies from the dollar store last week. As promised, many of the items are included in my teacher gifts.  

My new passion is personalizing binder clips. It works great when you are teaming with other teachers. I have clips with all of the names of my teammates so I can keep the paperwork well organized. Decorative tape from The Dollar Tree actually works better than the expensive stuff from Staples and Micheal's.  

This year's gift creation is a small, personalized, burlap pouch which holds two personalized binder clips, two great mechanical pencils, three dry-erase markers adorned with pom-pom erasers, and a holiday anti-bacterial soap & PocketBac from Bath & Body Works. 

First, I personalize the bag (found at Michael's stores for $0.50) with a letter stencil and acrylic paint. Then, while the paint is drying, I lay out all of the supplies that will be put inside the bag.  Next, (when the letter is dry to the touch) I stuff the bag with the "teacher essentials" and pull the drawstring.  Last, I tie a ribbon around the top using some adhesive, fabric tape on the back to keep the ribbon in place. I'm done!  Ready for the next bag to stuff...

I love leaving these little, burlap, goodie bags for teachers as they come into their classrooms.  They always bring a smile.

The entire gift cost $6 to make!  Such an adorable bargain! 


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