Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Positive Resolutions

My new year's resolution is simply to blog on a more consistent basis.  My life gets busy and overwhelming and the first thing to go is the blogging.  But, it's something that I enjoy, so I'm going to make an effort.  

January 1, 2014 seems like a good day to begin my positive resolution endeavor.

I actually have no excuse today since I barely did anything constructive.  I always beat myself up when I don't conquer a task at home or school.  I'm always complaining about not having enough time. So, when I have time and waste it, I'm not happy with me. But, the hubs has convinced me that I need some down time to refuel and decompress.  

Today was a good day of napping, eating New Year's Eve leftovers and playing with my new android phone.  Going from iPhone to android has been both fun and frustrating. I always preach to my students about learning new things, so I guess it's time to practice what I preach!

I'm currently reorganizing my basement (it's only a storage room...not living space) because we would like to use the room for some fitness equipment. Right now it looks like Michael's craft store and Bath & Body Works exploded. There is random stuff everywhere. I have my work cut out for me with only 4 days left of winter, I'm not complaining! 

There will be more to come on the basement project. Hopefully, along the way, I will come up with some useful and inspiring organizational tips.


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