Thursday, March 27, 2014

File Box Lids

I have tray upon tray where students are to hand in assignments.  Sometimes I run out of space for the many pieces of paper that are all over the classroom. I like all paper having a home! 

I just bought a new tray to hold paper on my desk at home can't wait to set up my new desk arrangement. 

Okay, back on topic...I don't know if this happens to everyone out there, but I never know what to do with the file box lids.  I use the boxes for hanging files and then, the lids don't fit anymore. Actually, I wouldn't want them on even if they did fit. What a pain to lift the lid and set it somewhere each time I needed to grab a folder.

So, to adhere to my "every piece of paper needs a home" motto, I have decided to re-purpose those lids and use them for my weekly Science in the News activity.

The lids were from two file boxes that I had purchased at Staples.  I love the clean, decorative, black and white theme. They held the news magazines perfectly!

So, all that the actual "re-purpose" took was some scrapbook paper.  I found a pattern that would make a good background to lay underneath the magazines. It makes the lids look as if they are actually paper trays.

The last step was to label the lids/paper trays.  I just used a sentence strip dressed up with some washi tape.  And now I'm all set. I adhered the sentence strip with sticky back so I can change the labels as needed.

I'm having a great time organizing with other lids that I have found stacked away in a cupboard. The options are limitless. The added benefit is that these stack so well, I can pick this up with a moment's notice and tuck them away on a shelf.


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