Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Goals

Good Morning...
I have been off on a bit of a hiatus.  My new year's resolution was to be more consistent and write more blog posts. So, of course, I wrote less.  It's kind of like saving money for me.  When I say I'm going to try really hard and stick to a budget, I actually spend more! I think it's a reverse-psychology kind of thing.

Needless to say, I have a lot of catching up to do. A lot of wonderful, and not so wonderful, things have happened so far in 2014.  

This summer I will be sharing some success stories and some learning experiences.  

Reverse psychology aside, I do like to set happy goals. These are personal goals that take care of my self-happiness. I'm going to revitalize myself in many ways this summer. My list of goals (in no particular order) is listed below.

  • read at least one adult novel
  • go to the movies once a week...love movies!
  • spend one hour a day on school work 
  • catch up on previous blog posts
  • organize something in each room of the house
  • organize something in each area of the classroom
  • create new blog posts
  • walk two miles each day
  • ride my bike after dinner just for fun
  • Go out to a quiet dinner twice a month with hubs
  • catch up with old friends
  • play cards, board games, or outside sports with my kids

Create a list of goals. Display the goals where you will see them each day. I like to write them on my phone and screen shot it. Then, I can make the goal list my screen saver. You are reminded every time you turn on your phone and it's private. I don't like displaying things on the fridge where everyone has a comment or suggestion. These are my personal goals and only have to do with me and my happiness.

Create your own happy goals.


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