Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Effective Teaching

Only 1 day into a 4-day workshop and I've already learned so much.  I signed up for this workshop blindly...content unknown!

To my surprise, it's a professional development opportunity that is relevant to my instruction. 

The focus is on creating "outcomes", or objectives, and teaching ONLY to those outcomes.  I have learned that so much of what I teach is actually unnecessary.

I am on a mission to "cut the fat" so to speak, and design more purposeful lessons that will ultimately help with time management. 

I'm going to begin with organization...of course. I'm teaching math this year (after a 1-year absence) and I need to get organized and PLAN AHEAD! Last year, I taught science and ELA, this year it's science and math. I'm feeling energized and ready to take on the challenge.  And a challenge it will be...

Two years ago, we used a math series in fifth grade as our main resource.  Then, last year, we were given a directive to only use the NYS Math Modules as our resource for instruction. This upcoming school year is going to be "module-based", but we can integrate some other resources when appropriate.

I'm going to be spending a good portion of my summer searching, creating, designing, making, and many other "ings". Basically, I will be busy!  

None of the above "ings" can happen effectively without a good plan. I am currently designing an instructional math binder for each unit of study which will include the modules and other various materials (my "ings"). 

I'm looking forward to a great year...more to come!


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